This is an outline of any utilities currently available in the library.

Get compiler options from tsconfig.json

Get the compiler options from a file by using the getCompilerOptionsFromTsConfig function:

import { getCompilerOptionsFromTsConfig } from "ts-morph";

const result = getCompilerOptionsFromTsConfig("file/path/to/tsconfig.json");

result.options; // compiler options
result.errors; // diagnostics

Type Guards

There is a collection of type guard functions that are useful for finding out the type of a node:

import { Node } from "ts-morph";

// ... some code here that gets a node ...

if (Node.isClassDeclaration(node)) {
    // node is of type ClassDeclaration in here

Printing a Node

Usually with the library, you can print any node by calling the .print() method:

node.print(); // returns: string

But sometimes you might want to print a compiler node. There's a printNode utility function for doing that:

import { printNode, ts } from "ts-morph";

// Source: https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/wiki/Using-the-Compiler-API
const tsFunctionDeclaration = ts.createFunctionDeclaration(
    /*decorators*/ undefined,
    /*modifiers*/ [ts.createToken(SyntaxKind.ExportKeyword)],
    /*asteriskToken*/ undefined,
    /*typeParameters*/ undefined,
    /*parameters*/ [],
    /*returnType*/ ts.createKeywordTypeNode(SyntaxKind.NumberKeyword),
    ts.createBlock([ts.createReturn(ts.createLiteral(5))], /*multiline*/ true),
// optionally provide a source file and there is some printing options on this
const functionText = printNode(tsFunctionDeclaration);

// outputs:
// ========
// export function myFunction(): number {
//     return 5;
// }