Manipulation Settings

The manipulation settings can be set when creating the main Project object:

import { IndentationText, NewLineKind, Project, QuoteKind } from "ts-morph";

const project = new Project({
  // these are the defaults
  manipulationSettings: {
    // TwoSpaces, FourSpaces, EightSpaces, or Tab
    indentationText: IndentationText.FourSpaces,
    // LineFeed or CarriageReturnLineFeed
    newLineKind: NewLineKind.LineFeed,
    // Single or Double
    quoteKind: QuoteKind.Double,
    // Whether to change shorthand property assignments to property assignments
    // and add aliases to import & export specifiers (see more information in
    // the renaming section of the documentation).
    usePrefixAndSuffixTextForRename: false,
    // Whether to use trailing commas in multi-line scenarios where trailing
    // commas would be used.
    useTrailingCommas: false,

You can only provide a partial of these settings if you wish:

const project = new Project({
  manipulationSettings: { indentationText: IndentationText.TwoSpaces },


Get more details about the settings by looking at the manipulationSettings property on the main Project object:



You can update these settings later if you wish by using the set method:

// set only one
project.manipulationSettings.set({ quoteKind: QuoteKind.Single });

// or multiple
  quoteKind: QuoteKind.Single,
  indentationText: IndentationText.TwoSpaces,


There are some additional manipulation settings that are taken from the ts.FormatCodeSettings. They will slowly be supported and added to the manipulation settings. For example:

  // only one for now... will add more in the future
  insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingNonemptyBraces: false, // default: true