Getting Source Files

After source files are added, you will need to get them in order to navigate or make changes.


Get all the source files:

const sourceFiles = project.getSourceFiles();

Or filter by glob:

// single
const testSourceFiles = project.getSourceFiles("src/test/**/*.ts");
// or multiple
const nonTestSourceFiles = project.getSourceFiles([

Note that the path resolution and matching is done relative to the current working directory.

For example, if you load a project from another directory...

const project = new Project({
  tsConfigFilePath: `/someDirectory/notCurrent/tsconfig.json`,

...to match a file from that directory you need to specify a glob that matches based on the current working directory or absolute path...

const sourceFile = project.getSourceFiles(`/someDirectory/notCurrent/**/config/index.ts`);

By file path

Will return the first source file that matches the end of the provided file path:

const personFile = project.getSourceFile("Models/Person.ts");

By condition

Will return the first source file that matches the provided condition:

const fileWithFiveClasses = project.getSourceFile(f => f.getClasses().length === 5);