JS Docs

Certain nodes can have JS docs. For example:

 * Gets the name.
 * @param person - Person to get the name from.
function getName(person: Person) {
  // ...

Get all JS doc nodes

Get all the JS doc nodes by using getJsDocs():

functionDeclaration.getJsDocs(); // returns: JSDoc[]

Add/insert docs

Add or insert JS doc comments using the addJsDoc(), addJsDocs(), insertJsDoc(), and insertJsDocs() methods.

For example:

// adds /** Some description... */
const docNode = classDeclaration.addJsDoc({
  description: "Some description...",
// or to force it to be multi-line, add a newline to the front of the string
  description: "\nSome description...",
// or with tags
  description: "Some description...",
  tags: [{
    tagName: "param",
    text: "value - My value.",

JSDoc Nodes

Get the description:

// Getting the node from the example at the top of this file.
const jsDoc = functionDeclaration.getJsDocs()[0];
jsDoc.getDescription(); // returns string: "Gets the name."

Get the tags:

const tags = jsDoc.getTags();
tags[0].getText(); // "@param person - Person to get the name from."

Get the inner text (the text without the surrounding comment):

jsDoc.getInnerText(); // "Gets the name.\n@param person - Person to get the name from."