Object Literal Expressions

Object literal expressions look like the initializer for this variable declaration:

const obj = {
  propertyAssignment: 5,
  get getAccessor() {
    return 5;
  set setAccessor(value: number) {
    // do something
  method() {
    return "some string";


Once you have retrieved the object literal expression, get it's properties via:

const properties = objectLiteralExpression.getProperties();
// or
const property = objectLiteralExpression.getProperty("propertyAssignment");
// or
const spreadAssignment = objectLiteralExpression.getProperty(
  p => p.getText() === "...spreadAssignment",
// or
const method = objectLiteralExpression.getPropertyOrThrow("method");

Property Assignments

Add a property assignment via the insertPropertyAssignment, insertPropertyAssignments, addPropertyAssignment, or addPropertyAssignments methods.

const propertyAssignment = objectLiteralExpression.addPropertyAssignment({
  name: "propertyAssignment",
  initializer: "5",

Shorthand Property Assignments

Add a shorthand property assignment via the insertShorthandPropertyAssignment, insertShorthandPropertyAssignments, addShorthandPropertyAssignment, or addShorthandPropertyAssignments methods.

const shorthandPropertyAssignment = objectLiteralExpression.addShorthandPropertyAssignment({
  name: "shorthandPropertyAssignment",

Spread Assignments

Add a spread assignment via the insertSpreadAssignment, insertSpreadAssignments, addSpreadAssignment, or addSpreadAssignments methods.

const spreadAssignment = objectLiteralExpression.addSpreadAssignment({ expression: "spreadAssignment" });


Add get and set accessors via the insertGetAccessor, insertGetAccessors, addGetAccessor, addGetAccessors, or similarly named methods for set accessors.

const getAccessor = objectLiteralExpression.addGetAccessor({
  name: "someNumber",
  returnType: "number",
  statements: ["return someNumber;"],
const setAccessor = objectLiteralExpression.addSetAccessor({
  name: "someNumber",
  parameters: [{ name: "value", type: "number" }],
  statements: ["someNumber = value;"],


Add a method via the insertMethod, insertMethods, addMethod, or addMethods methods.

const method = objectLiteralExpression.addMethod({
  name: "method",
  statements: [`return "some string";`],


Remove a member by calling .remove() on it.